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Save The Quest (STQ) is a charitable trust registered under the Indian Trust Act of 1882, Section 60 (Registration no. 822) based in Delhi. The society we live in is plagued by prejudices and clichéd notions. Differently abled, orphans or the financially weak are easy targets of these judgmental eyes. It is high time these targets are appreciated for their ability, for their passion, for their conviction. They are different, but not an outsider. We at STQ make them a part of the society; we become one of them and work as a team. Our volunteers act as friends and mentors to imbibe the right values and educate them.


-Why we exist?

Education is one of the fundamental rights of human beings but unfortunately a few children are deprived of this right. There are over 70 million differently abled people in India. They, irrespective of their economic status, are subject to social exclusion in the society. Economic, psychological and social confidence building is therefore necessary. Thus, we at STQ, assist differently abled children with their education and hope to lay strong foundation for the challenged children to construct a better future for many of them. Disability is a physical or mental impairment that infers with the performance of activities expected of an individual of a certain age. So, there is an urgent need to nurture and support the differently abled children at an early age in order to assimilate in the workforce and enable them to live a life with dignity and contribute to the GNP.




2nd October, 2013- The Hindu, featured an article highlighting STQ’s efforts in assisting the visually impaired in their exam preparations in collaboration with National Association for Blind. http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-newdelhi/with-a-little-help-from-friends/article5191487.ece

2013- DU Beat also featured an interview with the chairman of STQ, Mr. Saif Ahmed in one of its editions this year. The link to the interview can be found the STQ’s Facebook page.

5th June,2013: Age Correspondent“A Quest to Reform Education System.” http://archive.asianage.com/life-and-style/quest-reform-education-system-214

20th October, 2014: Tehelka.com – “A Walk for Equality.” http://savethequest.ngo/2013/10/03/media-coverage-the-hindu-2/

17th October, 2014: Du Beat.com -Celebrating the White Cane – STQ organizes a walk-a-thon for the visually impaired. http://dubeat.com/2014/10/celebrating-white-cane-save-quest-organizes-walk-thon-visually-impaired/

16th October, 2014: Hindu College Facebook post featuring Walk-A-Thon

12th October, 2014: University Express - Save The Quest - “A Walk for a Better World to Live In.”

20th June, 2016: Newsgram.com published an article titled “Meet Saif Ahmed Khan -Save The Quest NGO Founder makes education more flexible for specially abled and unprivileged children in India.” https://www.newsgram.com/meet-saif-ahmad-khan-save-the-quest-ngo-founder-makes-education-more-flexible-for-specially-abled-and-unprivileged-children-in-india/

30th October, 2017: Edex Live. ‘Braving all odds, this 25-year-old has been fighting for the visually impaired and downtrodden from his school days.’ http://www.edexlive.com/people/2017/oct/30/braving-all-odds-this-25-year-old-has-been-fighting-for-the-visually-impaired-and-downtrodden-right-1461.html

10th June, 2017: The Hindu- ‘NGO lends a helping hand to differently-abled students. http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-newdelhi/ngo-lends-a-helping-hand-to-differently-abled-students/article18953050.ece


1.      Best Film Award- Steer to Safety Campaign 2013-14

2.      Certificate of Appreciation- National Association for The Blind

3.      Certificate of Appreciation at Sankalp 2014, 2015 and 2016 from IIT Roorkee

4.      Certificate of Recognition from “e-NGO” for 2016-17

5.      Certificate of Appreciation from the National Service Scheme, Hindu College ,2015

6.      Certificate of Appreciation from Ministry of Justice and Empower

7.      Certificate of Appreciation from Missionaries of Charity

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Saif Ahmad Khan

Saif Ahmad Khan Chairperson