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In the year 2013, we met Pinky, living at the Jeevan Jyoti foundation, at a Diwali mela. Though she was visually impaired, it did not dampen her spirits from enjoying the festivities around her. Jeevan Jyoti, quite literally means enlightening lives and that's what we experienced after visiting their foundation in Delhi. The Sanstha was a non-government organization, which worked for orphan children with multiple disabilities. It strives to create a positive and enduring change in the lives of children, families and communities living in abject poverty and undue inequality, irrespective of religion, caste, creed, race, ethnicity or gender. Jeevan Jyoti extends a helping hand to anyone and everyone who deserves it. The spirit of helping and the compassion for children shown at Jeevan Jyoti, encouraged us to connect with the foundation. Through hours spent with the children at the orphanage, we learnt that their dreams are no different than ours, that if they are provided with the same resources, they too could make it bigger and better. We started celebrating birthdays and festivals with them, as their joys and smiles were bigger than any gift or blessing. We wanted to make it an everlasting process, so we decided to join hands with the foundation. The association of ‘SAVE THE QUEST’ with Jeevan Jyoti in 2013, was our first concrete step in extending some real help to the foundation.

Living your life doing something for others is the best way to live your life. We initiated various activities and programs for the participation and general assistance of the children over the years. We help these children by:

  1. Providing General Assistance, by helping the orphanage with day to day needs services. In 2016, save the quest helped the organization with doing the AADHAR card registrations of the children.
  2. Providing special education to the differently abled, and also the children who cannot go to school. We provided them with:
    • A special tutor funded by us, who teaches them academics and shows them the way of life. He also teaches them about ADL (Activities of daily living),basic safety and security needs like good touch and bad touch.
    • The vocational trainer who teaches them skills like bead making and mobility learning with a white cane.
  3. Increased interaction with the society and the community, by celebrating birthdays and festivals with the children, organizing feasts and treats and giving them the feeling of being a part of our family.