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            -EYE QUEST

Project Eye Quest, started in January 2013, is one of our first projects which assists and empowers the visually impaired students and sensitizes the youth towards the challenges faced by them. Through project Eye-Quest, we have been trying to make quality scribes available and accessible to assist students who are blind/low vision or affected by cerebral palsy with locomotor impairment for the last four years. Scribing is an accommodation for students who have difficulty with writing, or whose writing speed is affected, whether due to blindness, low vision, or cerebral palsy with locomotor impairment. The role of a scribe is to read questions for the student and write the answer student dictates.

Our main objective is to create a scribe bank operating at national level to help the visually impaired students get in touch with the scribes easily. An easy to access platform is what we are working on, both for the beneficiaries and the volunteers. Our long-term plan is to reduce the dependency of visually impaired students on scribes by training them to type their exams themselves on computers and laptops. In tandem with our main objective, we also aim in providing assistance to the visually impaired students and to empower them in carrying out their basic routine life. We are also working towards:

  •         Empowering the visually impaired
  •         Sensitizing the people
  •         Imparting Life Skills Training
  •         Providing special educators to blind schools and orphanages
  •         Making the visually impaired independent by imparting training to them in computer literacy so that their dependency on scribes reduces


             -National Training Center

Started in the year 2015 in association with National Organization for Social Empowerment, the National Training center provides vocational and academic training to visually impaired students along with computer applicability and book recording. The training center also acts as a placement cell for the 10 successful batches that have already passed out. Initially STQ was involved in this program's implementation but now the program is self-sustainable and has been handed over to the National Organization for Social Empowerment for its complete running. We plan to open another such training center at Save The Quest office in Govindpuri Extension. The new center will provide Scribe training on computer to interested volunteers and also provide employment opportunities to its pass out students.


Currently in its pilot stage, it includes academic and vocational training to visually impaired students of north campus along with soft skills training and career counseling programs so as to turn them into more productive assets in the workplace.

It is a first of its kind in that it provides free computer training along with preparation for various competitive exams to over 30 differently-abled students of Delhi University
The center also provides preparation for competitive exams like Bank PO, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, SSC etc.

The National Training Center managed by Save the Quest along with  NATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT  also acts as a placement cell for these students besides providing counseling and organizing other professional workshops.