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Toys are an integral part of childhood. Children learn by playing and toys are the instruments that allow them to discover the world they live in. Children interact with their surroundings through toys which also provide them plenty of happiness and enjoyment, both of which help in building up their self-esteem. Experts have agreed that toys are not just a source of enjoyment but also means through which children develop emotional, social and cognitive skills.

The joy we got when our parents bought new toys for us was immense and we played with them until we got bored of them. Now imagine a childhood without toys. There are so many underprivileged children who are deprived of this basic joy in their childhood. A simple looking toy becomes a fascinating object which remains a far-fetched dream for these kids. Often these kids can be seen begging on the roads because they don’t have the means and support to go to school. Thus, their learning is impaired and they resort to unusual means to entertain themselves.

With a simple wish to bring smiles on these faces and to preserve the innocence of childhood, Save the Quest started ‘Project Khillona’ in 2016, under which we distribute toys to the underprivileged children from time to time. When classroom learning falls short and life learnings kick in, STQ fills the gap by providing children with toys to enable their holistic learning and to make their childhood happy.